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Click here for access routes to Asakusa Hakata Kushiyaki Harenoichi. Although it is a cozy pub in the back of the alley, it is a fun restaurant filled with lively customers and a lively chatter where you can enjoy delicious dishes with a variety of sake. If you are planning a banquet, girls' party or entertaining, please order course menus such as `` Hakata Kushiyaki de full stomach course '', `` Harenoichi light course only on weekdays' ', `` Haleichi's two major courses'' Many dishes and all-you-can-drink liquor will make your story even more exciting.
In addition to the signboard menu that bears the name of the store, we also offer a variety of dishes such as a hot pot and special leek sauce rebateki, as well as seafood dishes such as “Hakata Style Sesame Amberjack” and “Ikan Yuzu Spicy Natto” Please enjoy your favorite dishes according to your mood. There are also other special dishes such as “Vinegar”, “Korikori Umekyu”, “Takana Cream Cheese”, and “Sobaro Gohan”, “Chicken Ramen”, and “Yaki Onigiri”.

Hakata skewers in Asakusa Have a special time with the course menu of Harenoichi


Store name

Hakata skewers Harenoichi

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3-12-8 Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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business hours

17:00 〜 24:00

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Asakusa's Hakata Kushiyaki Haleinoichi is not only a single dish, but also a Hakata Kushiyaki de Full stomach course, a Monday / Tue / Thursday-limited weekday-limited Haleinoichi light course, and the 2 most famous courses for Haleichi We offer a variety of courses with all-you-can-drink options, so please make reservations for banquets, entertainment, girls-only gatherings, etc.

How about a course menu where you can enjoy skewers and yakitori?

Please come to a cozy pub in the back alley

Delicious yakitori that uses only fresh meat is a popular menu of shops that many customers order, and it is an exquisite seasoning that matches any liquor offered such as beer, shochu, sake, and strawberry high We are. We offer a variety of menus such as shigaki, sand sand, sesame, tsukuri, black skin, liver, yotsumi, and bonito, so please enjoy whatever you like.
A popular Izakaya where you can use it for a variety of purposes, such as dining with friends at work or school or entertaining for work. There are various preparations such as style sesame amberjack, menta lotus root, and squid citrus natto. Japanese sake is recommended for these Japanese-style dishes. Especially for shochu, it is Miyakozakura, Yamato Sakura, 6th generation lily, mud turtle, if it is strawberry, Hakata's 3rd year, Nikaido if it is wheat, Ginka if it is rice There are various kinds of dew and changing sesame seeds, such as Beni Otome, so please order according to your mood and look for the perfect cup for each dish.

Hakata skewers in Asakusa At Harenoichi, you can enjoy authentic Hakata-style skewer dishes in a cozy atmosphere and lively customer service, and which use only fresh ingredients such as beef, pork, chicken and vegetables It is also a delicious seasoning that goes well with liquor. A variety of beer, shochu, sake, candy high, etc., made with carefully selected skewers cooked one by one by popular shopkeepers trained in popular shops for over 10 years, with couples and couples, or friends at work or school Please relax and enjoy a drink. Sakai High offers a variety of rice cakes, wheat, rice, brown sugar, chestnuts, shiso, awamori, sesame, and gold palace.
In addition to meat, Asakusa's Hakata skewers include sukiyaki, yakisoba, smoked cheese scalloped skewers, avocados, yurimeme, rafts and other rare ingredients such as yasa skewers, and savory roses. There are many genres available, such as “vegetable rolls”. Customers who are confused as to `` I don't know where to eat '' or `` I want to know recommendations '' should leave it to the store owner, picking up seasonal and unusual ingredients at that time, popular skewers and picking up `` Hakata's We offer luxurious assortments such as “Standard 5 skewers”, “Healthy vegetable rolls 5 skewers”, and “Noodles carefully selected 9 skewers”.