Hakata skewers in Asakusa

Hakata skewers in Asakusa Please enjoy the cozy atmosphere of Harenoichi. Lively hospitality full of caress, fresh food, and delicious liquor will sublimate your time to a blissful one, so if you are looking for an izakaya, please come and visit our community-based store We provide satisfactory service.
The shop boasts that both the single item menu and the course menu are attractive, and in addition to yakitori and motsunabe, which are signboard menus, we offer a variety of dishes such as seafood and mountain products. Please order your favorite menu.
Hakata Kushiyaki Features of Harenoichi

Asakusa's Hakata Kushiyaki Harenoichi is a lively izakaya

The izakaya is quietly located in the back of the alley, and it has a vibrant customer service and a cozy atmosphere in contrast to the calm place, and has received patronage from customers of all ages, regardless of gender. We are. If you are looking for a place to entertain at work, friends at work, school, family or lovers, please come to the store once and enjoy skewers, grilled chicken and other dishes. Enjoy a variety of delicious and fresh menus.
It is open every day with the aim of becoming a community-based store that is loved by local customers, welcomes banquets for more than two and a half hours, and accepts requests for celebrations and surprises. If you are planning a meeting or event, please make a reservation as a venue for meetings and launches. You can bring your own drinks if you tell us in advance, so you can spend your time in the area.

Hakata skewers in Asakusa Harenoichi is entertaining and dating

The appeal of the shop is that it is easy to use in various scenes such as entertainment, dates, meals with friends, etc. For customers who have special plans, there is a bargain and luxurious all-you-can-drink Various course menus are also available. Of course, we also offer a variety of seafood and mountain products for single dishes, so please enjoy your favorite dishes.
"Weekday limited Harenoichi light course" is a course limited to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and "Haleichi's two famous courses" is a course where you can enjoy both the popular menu of skewers and hot pots. All-you-can-drink for 2 hours and 2.5 hours are included, so please order according to your wishes. The “Super Deals Women's Association Course All-you-can-drink 8 items” is a special course limited only on weekdays, you can drink all-you-can-drink for unlimited time, and you can drink almost all the sake in the shop, and also your favorite dishes and skewer dishes You can choose and order.

Please enjoy gourmet at Hakata skewers in Hakata skewers in Asakusa

For customers who want to enjoy Hakata's gourmet food in a homely atmosphere, please come to the pub located in the back alley where the lively and cheerful customers are proud. Owners who have become independent after training local specialties such as yakitori and motsunabe at popular shops will serve the authentic taste. Enjoy “Sushi-mochi-nabe” with skewer dishes such as “Black pork skewers”, “Beef skewers”, “Chicken skewers”, “Vegetable skewers”, “Vegetable skewers”, “Kutete skewers”, champon noodles and miscellaneous dishes. Please give me.
There are 14 seats at the U-shaped counter, the leading role of the store, and 12 seats at the table, and even couples, lovers and close friends can use couple seats. You can come to the end of the date and play. On days when you want to enjoy liquor, a course menu with all-you-can-drink is recommended.

Hakata skewers in Asakusa

All menu items such as yakitori, hot pot, seafood dishes, salads, and gems use only fresh and delicious ingredients, so you can be satisfied with what you order. This is one of the pride of the pub that boasts a cozy and lively service. If you are in doubt, please ask our staff for recommendations, and we will suggest dishes that use seasonal and unusual ingredients, as well as alcohol that matches them.
Yakitori has various genres such as “Black pork skewers”, “Beef skewers”, “Chicken skewers”, “Vegetable skewers”, “Vegetable skewers”, “Katsute skewers”, and “Hakata style” for seafood dishes. There are various kinds of sesame seeds and squid citrus natto so you can order as much as you like.