The staff will update information on fresh and delicious meat and seafood

Asakusa's Hakata Kushiyaki Harenoichi will update the business hours and recommended menu on the blog. If you are unsure about your visit, please check it out for information about the atmosphere and recommended dishes.
Fresh and tasty meat and seafood dishes are the most proud of the shop that is attractive at home and lively customer service, all are luxurious items using plenty of seasonal ingredients and rare ingredients, so please The customer who ordered it will surely be satisfied.
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    Recommended skewers of Harenoichi in Asakusa

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An attractive and lively izakaya with a homely atmosphere is one of the strengths that local people can visit in various scenes, so feel free to make a reservation whenever you need it, Please come to the store. Would you like to use a tavern that offers fresh and delicious gourmet meals when you entertain business partners, couples, couples, and work and school friends?
A variety of sake that suits skewers, motsunabe, and yakitori is available, and the course menu includes an all-you-can-drink service, so customers who want to enjoy a combination of cuisine and alcohol can enjoy the blog Please visit us after making a reservation. There are various types of sake, shochu, highball, and strawberry high, and of course there are various soft drinks available, so you can use it with peace of mind even for minors and customers who are not good at alcohol.