Blog of the landlady of Asakusa Harenoiichi (o ^^ o)

2020/03/04 blog

Special attention to toilets in Hale Noichi.

At Hale Noichi, we value the comfort of the toilet.

No matter how good the food is ...

No matter how good the service is ...

If the toilet is disappointing, it leaves a strong impression.

Toilet where selfish landlady does not want to go to the restaurant

・ Toilet for men and women

・ Dirty feeling after boys

・ Toilet full of uncleaned feeling

·Summer is hot

・ Winter is cold


・ I don't know if the key is locked

I try to keep my toilet from being disgusting like this.

but! ︎

Because there is only one toilet, it becomes gender-co-existent, and it is already a toilet that the landlady does not want to go to. . .

But that is no use. ︎

I have to accept it. ︎

I think many people have the same feelings as a landlady.

So that they can go to the bathroom with peace of mind ...

Check the toilet frequently. ︎

Since the summer is hot, turn on the fan. ︎

Since the weather is cold in winter, ︎

Smell is out of language. ︎‼ ︎‼ ︎

I produce a Japanese scent by burning incense.

When you enter the toilet, you can relax ...

I think that it will be a space especially gentle for women.

If you come to Hale Noichi, please try [comfortable] in the bathroom.