Staff blog of Asakusa Harenoiichi-vegetable skewers-

2020/03/16 blog

Hello staff Norinako (* ^ o ^ *)

Perhaps because of the influence of the coronavirus, the whole Asakusa is quiet with few people.

Harenoichi has also been calming down, probably due to its effects.

In such a case, eat delicious skewers and raise your immunity! ! ! !

So this time, I will talk about vegetable rolls.

Vegetable rolls are a specialty of Hakata skewers with plenty of vegetables rolled with pork belly.

It looks brilliant, healthy and very delicious!

At Hale Noichi, we do a perfect preparation at the shop.

I have been preparing for me,

It is difficult to roll a scroll! ! ! ! !

First of all, it is difficult to wind neatly.

Among them, leeks are the most difficult to wind.

If the difficulty is high and a poorly wrapped person rolls it, it will be broken and crumbled.

Because it is wrapped in a universal leek, how to apply pressure becomes quite important.

So in Hale Noichi I could only wind a landlady,

Finally I have the opportunity to challenge… (° ▽ °)

As a result of challenging it twice ………………

Success twice! ! ! !

The general and the landlady also passed, and am I finally a scroll master? !

Overthrow landlady! ! ! What a laugh (laughs)

Please come to eat my rolls! !