The restlessness of the general of Harenoiichi

2020/03/17 blog

Today is a regular holiday so I wrote my blog after a long time!

The only recent topic is the Corona virus uproar ...

There is no bright topic when you watch the news or listen to the radio ...

You wouldn't have been affected by companies in the world than in Japan, and no one had expected a recession ahead of the Olympics ...

Of course, even Hale Noichi is fully open every day! Lol

But it ’s not just our store, and I ca n’t help mourning, so in that case,

Drink, eat and spend money to move the economy. ️

We had a birthday party for our staff this month, studied at a thriving store, went to the second party karaoke three times, and drank more than usual!

But I'm not just drinking like a fool, I'm thinking about Iloilo ~

Regulars and locals who are worried about the shop every day, AKB who came to drink at 6 a week, and a liquor shop who came for such a time ...

There is a lot of support now, thanks for the customer coming, this corona turmoil that makes me think about this once again ...

Rather than lamenting it, let's drink alcohol everyday thinking about things that can only be done now ❗️

Hot topic recently

Don't lose to Corona ️

On sale for 500 yen per bottle of corona beer d (^ _ ^ o)