Compete with Corona ナ Start takeout.

2020/03/28 blog

The whole coral virus has left Asakusa lonely.
Even in Hale Noichi, free days continue every day.

It is sad that the skewers prepared on that day are not eaten deliciously, so it is such a time! !

Harenoiichi Takeout begins! !
~ Luna losing to Corona! ♪ drink at home ♪ ~

There are three types of take-out menus.

・ Hakata standard set of 5 including tax ¥ 1000
・ Healthy vegetable roll set of 5 tax included ¥ 1000
・ Special soboro rice tax included ¥ 500
◎ We accept any other requests

Please take out by phone.
We will prepare at your desired time ♪
When you come to the store directly, you may have to wait.

Also, depending on the time of congestion, you may need time even if you call, so please understand.

Of course, not only takeout, we are also waiting for customers' visit, so all the staff are looking forward to it (^ ^)

It doesn't change even if you say it's the cast, so I'll try new things in Iloilo. ️