Do not lose to corona ❗️ How to spend the self-restraint of Corona, the general of Halenoichi ①

2020/05/16 blog

How to spend time in corona-woman general edition ①

I was refraining from May 6th due to the influence of corona. How did you spend your time?

The landlady wanted to make the walls of the shop gorgeous, so she bought a board and magnet paint and did DIY at home.

A nice base was completed by pasting the Japanese pattern fabric.

Seasonal recommendations for sake, shochu, and fruit liquor are posted on the base.

I think it has become easier to guide our customers.

By the way, the magnet with the recommendation is made by the general who seems to be free.

It's tiny and cute.

I don't think you can see it unless it's near, but I want to stick to where no one can notice.

I'm sure you too ︎

There is no doubt that you can find the sake you want to drink from the upgraded wall! ︎

Please try it ★