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2020/06/08 blog

Hello staff Norinako.

It's been about a month since you relaunched Harenoichi.

How is everyone doing?

This is the time when we started taking out in Hale Noichi!

Thankfully, it has been well received by customers.

I also ordered a takeaway skewer at the end of my work,

It's delicious even when cooled. .. ..

Of course, it's delicious even if you heat it in the microwave and eat it for the next breakfast!

In addition to skewers, Harenoichi also offers lunch boxes and snack menus as take-out menus, so please wait for your order (^^)

And the landlady's handmade mask is on sale (*^^*)

The staff also wears it so if you are worried about wearing it

Please ask the staff ♫

It's just on the wall of the shop now, so buy early!