Hakata skewers in Asakusa

Asakusa's Hakata Kushiyaki Harenoichi is a cozy pub that is popular with local customers. We are open every day with the aim of becoming a community-based store that is loved by the locals, so please invite your family and friends to visit each other.
Many menus using plenty of fresh meat, seafood, and mountain products have been well received by many customers, and they also match well with sake, shochu, and highballs, so for customers who like sake We recommend ordering together.

Asakusa's Hakata Kushiyaki Harenoichi is a popular restaurant in the region

Izakaya, located in the back alley, has been praised by local customers for a lively reception and a cozy atmosphere, and has received patronage from many customers regardless of gender. We will continue to provide fresh and delicious gourmet meat, seafood, and vegetables, so please feel free to invite your friends, lovers and family members to come to the store.
The owners who have been trained in popular shops prepare the skewers that are offered at the shops, one by one, so that they have been evaluated as having high quality and excellent cost performance. We are There are various types of black pork skewers, beef skewers, local chicken skewers, vegetable skewers, vegetable roll skewers, and Katsushi skewers. If you are a local chicken, there are different kinds of menus such as Yotsumi, so if you are interested, please try it.

Asakusa's Hakata skewers

Please come and enjoy the various menus of Izakaya that are well received by many customers. In addition to the signboard menus such as skewered dishes and motsunabe, there are also various preparations for a fun dish using seasonal vegetables and seafood to add color to your meal with a plus one.
Harenoichi specialties are Hakata Style Sesame Amberjack and Special Leek Sauce Rebateki, which are supported by local customers. “Noodles Potesara”, “Steamed Chicken Green Salad”, and “Honey Tomato” are refreshed with fresh vegetables, and are special dishes such as “Menta Renkon”, “Ikazu Yuzu Natto” and “Sashiri” "Wings", "Chicken Nanban", "Korikori Umekyu", "Takana Cream Cheese", etc. will enhance the enjoyment of the meal by changing the taste.

Enjoy cooking at Hakata skewers in Asakusa

Asakusa Hakata Kushiyaki Harenoichi is a cozy pub located in the back alley with a reputation for fresh and delicious gourmet cuisine. The atmosphere and vibrant customer service has always been a favorite of local customers. For skewered dishes, “Black pork skewer”, “Beef skewer”, “Chicken skewer”, “Vegetable skewer”, “Vegetable roll skewer”, “Kutete skewer”, Motsunabe “Hakata no Ritsutsu nabe”, and seafood “Hakata style” There are various menus of various genres such as sesame seeds, menta lotus root, and squid citrus natto.
There are 14 counter seats and 12 table seats in the shop where the U-shaped counter is the leading role, and there are also couple seats available, so if you are dating a couple or lovers as a dinner Please use it. In addition, you can use it in various scenes, such as when you want to enjoy talking with friends slowly or when using for business entertainment.

Asakusa's Hakata Kushi-yaki Halle no Ichi's Recommended Review Menu

Izakaya is located on the back of the alley that is charming with a lively atmosphere, but it has received a lot of reviews from customers, and many of the dishes have been highly evaluated. We are Only fresh and delicious ingredients are used not only for meat but also for seafood and vegetables, so please enjoy the taste of Hakata with confidence for any dish.
As for skewer dishes, there are “Black pork skewers”, “Beef skewers”, “Chicken skewers”, “Vegetable skewers”, “Vegetable roll skewers”, and “Kutete skewers”. "Rose" is recommended, and the vegetable skewer menu includes "vegetable skewer" and "vegetable roll skewer", each with various skewers such as "Yuri nome" and "Hakata onion roll". The seafood dishes include “Menta Renkon” and “Ikano Yuzu Spicy Natto” using Hakata specialties.