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Asakusa's Hakata Kushiyaki Harenoichi has received many reviews from customers, and has been well received by customers for a cozy atmosphere and lively customer service.
At the skewer restaurant located in the back alley, there are plenty of menus that go well with sake, such as yakitori made with fresh meat, boiled potatoes, and special dishes using the famous mentaiko. There is also a way to enjoy yourself searching for the right sake, shochu, highball, and strawberry high.

Asakusa's Hakata Kushi-yaki Halle no Ichi's Recommended Review Menu

Izakaya is located on the back of the alley that is charming with a lively atmosphere, but it has received a lot of reviews from customers, and many of the dishes have been highly evaluated. We are Only fresh and delicious ingredients are used not only for meat but also for seafood and vegetables, so please enjoy the taste of Hakata with confidence for any dish.
As for skewer dishes, there are “Black pork skewers”, “Beef skewers”, “Chicken skewers”, “Vegetable skewers”, “Vegetable roll skewers”, and “Kutete skewers”. "Rose" is recommended, and the vegetable skewer menu includes "vegetable skewer" and "vegetable roll skewer", each with various skewers such as "Yuri nome" and "Hakata onion roll". The seafood dishes include “Menta Renkon” and “Ikano Yuzu Spicy Natto” using Hakata specialties.

Review of Asakusa Hakata Kushiyaki Harenoichi Course Menu

The Izakaya is located in an alley with a homely atmosphere and lively customer service, and is a popular course with all-you-can-drink services for guests to enjoy fresh dishes and drinks slowly. Many menus are available. “Monday / Tue / Thursday-limited“ Harenoichi Light Course ”” includes all-you-can-drink for 2 hours, and you can drink any drink from the Grand Menu. “Harenoichi's 2 famous courses” is a popular menu of both the skewered dish and the hot pot with a 2.5-hour all-you-can-drink.
`` Super-value girls' course 8 all-you-can-drink courses' 'is a special course limited only on weekdays, unlimited drinks that allow you to drink almost all the sake in the shop, and also your favorite dishes and skewer dishes You can choose and order as you like, so you can order your favorite menu with friends and enjoy cooking and talking while sharing lively.

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Asakusa's Hakata Kushiyaki Halle no Ichi has received many reviews that have been highly praised for its restaurants, especially the cozy atmosphere, lively service, and delicious fresh food. The opinions received from customers will be an important reference for the better management of izakaya, so if you have any questions, please always tell the staff.
One of the attractions of the shop is that it can be used in various scenes, and it is a couple for customers who are chatting with friends at work or school, entertaining at work, or dating a couple or lover Sheets are also available, so please feel free to contact us. There are a number of affordable and luxurious course menus, each with an all-you-can-drink liquor service, so it is recommended that you make a reservation in various situations.

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Asakusa's Hakata Kushiyaki Halle noichi is located in the back alley where there is little traffic, but since it is open every day with the motto of lively and bright customer service as opposed to its location, it is also a first time customer You can use it without any worries. Thanks to you, many people in the area who love the cozy atmosphere come to the store, and we are striving to be a community-based and loved store.
Hakata's broad culture follows that all baked beef and pork skewers are yakitori, so it is "black pork skewers" "beef skewers" "local chicken skewers" "vegetables" “Skewer”, “vegetable roll skewer” and “Kute skewer” are collectively called yakitori. Please enjoy Hakata specialties that make use of delicious fresh ingredients at the shop, and touch the charm and depth of the land of Hakata.