Please send your opinions to Hakata Kushiyaki Hakata Kushiyaki in Asakusa

Asakusa's Hakata Kushiyaki The various opinions received from customers to Harenoichi are all important references for the future management of the store. Please tell the pub where the atmosphere, lively service and delicious fresh food are attractive.
The shop behind the alley is characterized by a U-shaped counter seat that surrounds the kitchen, and anyone with a table or couple seats can easily come to the store, from one person to several people.

Asakusa Hakata Kushiyaki Thank you for your feedback to Harenoichi

The cozy izakaya in the back alley is constantly receiving various opinions from customers. Among them, praises regarding the quality of fresh and delicious skewered dishes, hot pots, yakitori and seafood dishes, and lively customer service. I have received. Visitors who have not yet visited the store should also come and enjoy a variety of delicious Hakata gourmet meals with family and friends.
There are many great and luxurious course meals, all of which have an unlimited all-you-can-drink service set for 2 hours, so they are excellent in cost performance, so you can entertain at work, couples or lovers Use it for dating and drinking with friends at work or school. Among them, the “All-you-can-drink 8 courses for girls” course is a special course limited to weekdays, and you can drink most of the liquor in the store with unlimited drinks.

Hakata skewers in Asakusa Harenoichi values your opinions

If you have any opinions about the cuisine, customer service, and other aspects of a gourmet pub at home, please let the staff know anything. We take your opinions seriously and strive to further improve lively customer service and fresh and delicious dishes.
For sake that goes well with skewered dishes and motsunabe, “Yamaguchien Green Tea High”, “Oolong High”, “Black Bean High”, “Jasmine High” if it ’s a highball,・ You can choose from rice, brown sugar, chestnut, shiso, awamori, sesame, gold palace, buckwheat, and toppings like "lemon, grapefruit, sudachi, plum pickles, ginger, eggplant pepper, goldfish" There are various types available, so please order as you like. As for shochu, there are various kinds of shochu, such as Miyakozakura, Yamato Sakura, 6th generation lily, mud turtle, Hakata's Hana 3rd year, Nikaido, Ginka-ro in the case of rice, and Red maiden in the changing sesame.

Please send your feedback to Hakata Kushi Yaki

Asakusa's Hakata Kushiyaki Harenoichi has received many opinions from customers on a daily basis, all of which are used as references for realizing better customer service and high-quality cuisine. When the lively customer service and fresh and delicious food are celebrated, all the staff will be delighted from the bottom of my heart and encourage the service from the next day.
A cozy izakaya located in the back alley offers a variety of fresh meats and seafood that are good for the mountain, and they are a good match for sake, shochu and highball. Yakitori with delicious meats such as Shigi-yaki, Seseri, Tsukune, and Sand Zuri, and various skewered dishes such as Sukiyaki, Yakisoba, Caprese, and Smoked Cheese, It is also recommended that you share with family and friends and enjoy them while enjoying various tastes.

Asakusa's Hakata Kushiyaki Harenoichi is a popular restaurant in the region

Izakaya, located in the back alley, has been praised by local customers for a lively reception and a cozy atmosphere, and has received patronage from many customers regardless of gender. We will continue to provide fresh and delicious gourmet meat, seafood, and vegetables, so please feel free to invite your friends, lovers and family members to come to the store.
The owners who have been trained in popular shops prepare the skewers that are offered at the shops, one by one, so that they have been evaluated as having high quality and excellent cost performance. We are There are various types of black pork skewers, beef skewers, local chicken skewers, vegetable skewers, vegetable roll skewers, and Katsushi skewers. If you are a local chicken, there are different kinds of menus such as Yotsumi, so if you are interested, please try it.