Every dish goes well with highball or shochu liquor.

Hakata skewers in Asakusa Please enjoy a fresh menu in the gourmet of Harenoichi. At an izakaya with an at-home atmosphere and a lively customer service, you can savor authentic dishes made with plenty of fresh ingredients such as yakitori, motsunabe, and seafood.
High-ball and shochu liquor matches well with those dishes, so if you like alcohol or want to enjoy a relaxing meal, please use the course menu with an all-you-can-drink service.

When using an izakaya in the back alley, where you can enjoy a charming, lively and bright customer service and a cozy atmosphere, please use the course menu that offers great value for money and offers excellent value for money. . On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, which are the weekdays after work, you can enjoy the `` Harenoichi Light Course Only for Weekdays '', Hakata sashimi, 2 types of appetizer, deep-fried root vegetables Tatsuta, 5 types of skewers, pickles, grilled rice balls All-you-can-drink services are included with 6 dishes. You can also order additional dishes so please order according to your preference.
“Haleici's 2 great specialty courses” is a course where you can enjoy both the popular menu of skewers and the hot pot, and it comes with 2.5 hours of all-you-can-drink, so it suits Japanese-style dishes Sake and shochu are recommended for customers who want to enjoy sake.