It is information of menu recommended especially in delicious menu of shop

Asakusa's Hakata Kushiyaki Harenoichi will inform customers of new information. We will update information on opening hours, new single item menus, recommended course menus, etc., so if you are interested, please take a look and start your visit.
At a shop that attracts lively customers at home, we offer a variety of fresh and delicious dishes and alcohol that perfectly matches them, so when you come to the store, you can choose your favorite combination. You can search.
  • Notification of changes in business hours.
    Every day from June 21st tomorrow Open at 17:00 23:00 last order Closed at 24:00 I will do. Thank you.
  • Notice of business hours change
    Since we moved to step 3, it will be open until 24:00 from today! We look forward to your visit after 22:00! ️
  • Notification of changes in business hours.
    From today on 27th, the business hours will be changed according to the request of Tokyo. Weekday 17:00 open 22:00 close 21:30 last order Saturdays, Sundays, and holi...
  • Notification of business resumption.
    From April 4, I was closed due to the influence of the spread of coronavirus infection and the request for self-restraint from the city, Business will resume from Thursday...
  • Notification of suspension of business.
    Due to the business of spreading coronavirus infection, I was scheduled to close from April 4th to 16th, We will extend the holiday to the end of April. As for the pu...
  • It is scheduled to be closed in March.
    March holidays are every Tuesday Have a rest on Wednesday the 11th〼‼ ️ I will do my best in March without losing to Corona 〼 d (^ _ o)
  • It is scheduled to be closed in January.
    January was fully open from the 3rd, so please have a winter vacation. Sunday 19th to Wednesday 22nd I will take a rest until. For inquiries during that time, pl...
  • New Year holidays
    It is news of business day of the year-end and New Year holidays ❗️ Open until Tuesday the 31st of the year . ︎ Let's count down with Harenoichi and drink! T...
  • Would you like to work together happily in Asak...
    We are looking for staff at Asakusa Harenoichi 〼❗️ It is a cozy workplace for the owner's couple, 1 employee, and 4 part-time workers! Even inexperienced people will...
  • Scheduled to be closed in December.
    December holiday Close every Tuesday and Monday the 9th . Open until the 31st of the year and start on the 3rd of the year.
  • The homepage has been renewed today!
    Hakata Kushiyaki Harenoichi's homepage is now open! We will deliver various information such as recommended food information and news!
Izakaya is located on the back of an alley that has a homely atmosphere, charm and vibrant customer service. The main menu is Hakata's specialty skewers, mochi-nabe, and yakitori. You can enjoy it. In Hakata, a free style called yakitori is stabbed on a skewer and grilled on both meat and vegetables. Good-looking, healthy and easy-to-use skewer dishes are booming nationwide.
There are various types of sake, shochu, highballs, etc. that suit your cuisine, so you can order a variety of liquors to your liking, and you may be wondering which liquor suits you. Our staff will suggest several types of staff, so please feel free to ask us anytime. For customers who want to relax and enjoy a lot of sake, we offer many course menus with all-you-can-drink services, so check the latest information and choose the course that best suits your convenience and number of people. Please make a reservation.