All the staff are always looking forward to your visit

Asakusa's Hakata Kushiyaki Harenoichi offers couple seats in addition to regular seats, so please use it when you come to the store with couples, lovers, or close friends. You can also make a reservation by phone or online.
Special dishes such as yakitori, motsunabe, seafood and salad made by chefs who have trained at popular restaurants and made with plenty of delicious and fresh ingredients will make your conversations more enjoyable and make your precious time more wonderful We will help you to improve.

Hakata skewers in Asakusa Harenoichi Yakitori goes well with highballs

In Hakata, there is a broad culture that is called “yakitori” even for beef and pork if it is meat. In recent years, the Hakata-style yakitori boom has spread throughout the country. At an izakaya located in the back of the alley, where the cozy atmosphere is attractive, owners who have trained at popular shops carefully prepare fresh skewers one by one using fresh ingredients and seasonal ingredients. You can taste the food.
The variety of highballs is also one of the pride of the store, and many customers have ordered "it goes well with the taste of yakitori" and "cooking advances". We offer a variety of items from “Yamaguchien Green Tea High” and “Kurome High” to classic items such as “Oolong High” and “Jasmine High”.

How about a course menu at Hakata Kushiyaki in Asakusa?

Enjoy a luxurious and cost-effective course menu at a cost-effective place in a community-based izakaya with a cozy atmosphere and lively customer service. We offer authentic Hakata flavors such as skewered dishes and motsuni, along with all-you-can-drink liquor.
You can order additional dishes, so you can freely enjoy not only the main menu but also dishes and desserts using seafood and mountain products. The menu using fresh seafood includes Hakata Style Sesame Kampachi and Hakata's unique Menta Renkon. Shiitake and Ginkgo are used for mountain food, and seasonal sherbet is used for desserts. And "Yaki Banana & Ice" are available, so please order your favorite items according to your interests.

Hakata skewers in Asakusa Harenoichi's sake, shochu and highball

Customers who want to enjoy a community-based atmosphere and a bright and lively customer service, please come to the store once and enjoy delicious fresh meat, vegetables, seafood dishes, and various sakes that complement them. Please give me.
If it's shochu, the cocoon will be “Miyakozakura”, “Yamatozakura”, “Yuri 6th lily”, “Muddy Turtle”, wheat will be “Hakata no Hana 3 years” / “Nikaido”, and rice will be “Ginka-ro”. If you are a sesame seed, you can choose “Red Maiden”.
As for the highball yam high, “Yamaguchien Green Tea High”, “Oolong High”, “Kurozu High”, “Jasmine High” and “Soba, Wheat, Rice, Brown Sugar, Chestnut, Shiso, Awamori, Sesame, Kinmiya, Soba” We have a variety of foods available from time to time, so please order as much liking as you like and enjoy your meal.